We Offer

Web app development makes up one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving fields in software engineering. The ever-changing frameworks and tools involved in the development process make up-to-date knowledge essential to the creation of quality software.

Through our consulting work, we offer private training to tech companies that need to quickly and efficiently expand their software development skill sets. In addition to our private seminars we currently organize programming workshops accessible to anyone from the general public.

Currently we teach courses in full-stack web development (Angular / React / NodeJS / JavaScript / Etc), system programming (C / C++) and database systems (Postgres / MongoDB / MySQL / Etc ).

Our Experience

Our team members have been involved in numerous conferences and meetups around Europe. We have delivered and continue to deliver talks regarding the latest changes and developments in the web app world.

Our teachers have university bakground in the fields of mathematics, system programming, full-stack application development and database management systems (DBMS).

We organize various professional events that revolve around the common goal of staying on the cutting edge of technology.

At HILLGRAND we strongly believe in the open source movement and we have collaborated on a number of open source projects.